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It is with great pleasure that we announce the annual conference of the Australian Archaeological Association for 2017.  'Island to Inland: Connections across land and sea' explores the myriad ways that humans connect and interact with the landscape and with each other.  This year also marks the 50th anniversary of La Trobe University and we welcome you to join us in Melbourne for this important event.

Associate Professor Lara Lamb​
President, Australian Archaeological Association


Conference Theme

‘Island to Inland: Connections across land and sea’

The AAA2017 Conference will be hosted by La Trobe University, coinciding with its 50th Anniversary. The conference theme is ‘Island to Inland: Connections across land and sea.’ Island to Inland represents the journey of the First Australians through Wallacea to Sahul. Since then, people have successfully adapted to life in the varied landscapes and environments that exist between the outer islands and arid interior. Despite this diversity, connections run deeply through Australia and its surrounding islands. These include connections to objects and places, across generations, between landscapes and seascapes, and to Country. The conference theme aims to encourage exploration of connections that transcend across time and space, from island to inland.

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