Shaun Adams

Clarence Flinders, Michael Westaway

Australia's First Strontium Isotope Map: The Power of Geochemistry for Understanding Prehistoric Provenance and Migration

Adriana Basiaco

An analysis of bone points from Madjedbebe

Kylie Carroll

Cailey Maclaurin, Sean Ulm

Sorting the Sorters: Assessing the Impact of Experience on Sorting Accuracy

Richard Cosgrove

The East-West Divide: 40,000 Years of Tasmanian Aboriginal Interaction

Maddison Crombie

Elizabeth Foley

Just Cracking the Surface: Preliminary Results from the Analysis of Emu Egg Shell from Lake Mungo

Elanor Degabriele

Melanie Fillios

Boy or Girl?: Can Metrical Analysis of Long Bones be used to Identify Sex in Macropods?

Bob Dorey

Kathleen Musulin

Inland to Island: An Emotional Journey to Uncovering the Past by Retracing Ancestors Steps: The Bernier and Dorre Island Experience

Emilie Dotte-Sarout

Chae Byrne, Fleur King, Rose Whitau

The Smoking Gun in the Charcoal: Ethnobotany, Taphonomy and Absence of Evidence in Australian Anthracology

Jillian Garvey

Richard Cosgrove

The Native Animal Bush Tucker Project: Establishing the Economic and Nutritional Quality of Australia’s Unique Fauna

Simon Haberle

Larissa Schneider

Sago Production as an Adaptation to Uncertain Climate in the New Guinea Lowlands and Highland Foothills

Madaline Harris Schober

Cult of the Philistines: Ethnographic Artistic Reconstruction of Ritual Space

Natalie Hart

Melanie Fillios

The Reverend's Kangaroo: Faunal Exploitation in Early Hobart

Jillian Huntley

Bruno David, Daryl Howard, Helen E. A. Brand

Imaging the Chemistry of a 27,000-28,000 Year-Old Black Motif from Nawarla Gabarnmang using Synchrotron X-Ray Fluorescence Microscopy

Dafne Koutamanis

Richard (Bert) Roberts, Anthony Dosseto

Islands, Isotopes and the Hominin Niche: Biogeochemical Proxies to Palaeoecological Community Dynamics in Pleistocene Fauna

Wallace Law

Michael Slack, Bertram Ostendorf, Megan Lewis

Spatial Science Elevates our Understanding of Ancient Aboriginal Stone Arrangements

Sindy Luu

Elizabeth Matisoo-Smith, Glenn Summerhayes

Revisiting the Bismarck Archipelago: Investigating Subsistence Strategies of Pre-Lapita Communities across New Ireland through DNA Metabarcoding

Tiina Manne

Fiona Hook, Peter Veth, Ingrid Ward, Kane Ditchfield

Pleistocene and Early Holocene Faunal Exploitation at Barrow Island, Northwestern Australia

Emily Miller

The Case for Baskets

Georgia Roberts

Elise Thornton, Jessica Reeves, Stephen Carey, Patricia Gadd, Alan Williams

From the Floors of Lake Mungo: Palaeohydrology of the Glacial Period in the Willandra

Ashleigh Rogers

Marshall Weisler

The Efficacy of Genus-Level Data: A Case Study of the Hawaiian Iimpet (Cellana spp.), Moloka‘i, Hawaiian Islands

Jane Skippington

Annunziata Strano

Cultural Heritage Management as a Tool for Reconciliation

Peter Sweeny

Nature's Pharmacopeia: Mapping Inland Pilbara's Bush Medicine

David Thomas

Dan Turnbull, Xavier Carah, Birgitta Stephenson, Oona Phillips, Barry Coombes

A Late Holocene Aboriginal Hearth from Point Nepean, Victoria: Maximising Insights from Minimal Impacts

Katherine Thomas

Scott Mooney, Pana Panaretos, Nicola Stern

Stable Isotopes and Pollen in Shearing Shed Deposits in Far Western NSW: Long Records of Land Cover Change and Rainfall?

Daniel Werndly

Carly Monks, Joe Dortch, Michael Bunce

More than Meets the Eye: Complementary Genetic and Morphological Approaches to Zooarchaeological Analysis

Alan Williams

David Marcus, Laressa Berehowyj, Tessa Bryant, Tom Sapienza, Amy Ziesing, Ashley O'Sullivan, Phil Toms, Norma Richardson

Further Evidence of a Cryptic Refuge during the Last Glacial Maximum Refuge: Results of Compliance Based Investigations for the Windsor Bridge Replacement Project on the Banks of the Hawkesbury-Nepean River

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